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We are your region’s premier choice for high-quality cleaning services at affordable prices. Our experts bring a full decade of experience to each property we clean. Greater Cleaning Service in Paramount, CA would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your cleaning needs.

Our services include house cleaning, ongoing janitorial service, and business cleaning service. Our cleaning experts serving Paramount CA offer comprehensive office cleaning, as well. When you need regular recurring cleaning services to suit your unique cleaning needs, consider us. We never cut corners when cleaning home and office kitchens and bathrooms. We sweep, dust, mop, vacuum, and much more. Professional cleaning results and fantastic customer service can be sought here.

Call Greater Cleaning Service in Paramount, CA at +1 424 298 1885 today to discuss your commercial or residential cleaning needs with our experts, schedule your office or house cleaning appointment with us as well as find out more about all the services we can provide.

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Greater Cleaning Service in Paramount, CA provides professional cleaning and janitorial building maintenance services. Our Paramount, CA cleaning company is equipped to handle cleaning projects of all sizes for owners of residential and commercial properties. Call 424-298-1885 to find out more about our available services:

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Cleaning Services

The core philosophy of our business has always been to leave no stone unturned, or rather, no speck uncleaned when it comes to projects of any size. With certified professional cleaners and using premium products, you can expect an outstanding job each time with us. Our staff is comprehensive and thorough and you can expect a certain degree of perfection which can leave you wondering – how can my home/office get this spotless?

House Cleaning Services

We believe every home is different and has certain intricacies in its layouts that often have these hard-to-reach spots where dust and dirt can accumulate without being noticeable. Our staff are trained at noticing these hotspots and take extra care to leave them shining and surgically clean.

Janitorial Services

Continuous maintenance and cleaning are no doubt critical for facilities that have heavy traffic inside them. A school or a hospital isn’t going to stay clean if you’re going with a periodic cleaning option. Therefore, you need someone dedicated and responsible enough to maintain optimum hygiene standards that can give that extra bit of polish to your institution. So, we got plenty of those such professionals working for us! As a bonus, they may even also double up as handymen or security guards as well depending on your requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We all love that irresistible look and smell of a freshly cleaned workplace in the morning, don’t we? Well, guess what, your customers do too! While you can get by using a rather nice-smelling detergent or solution, it isn’t the best solution as a business may have far too many points of inflow
of dirt and dust. With this in mind, you can expect a superior deep cleaning experience that leaves everything from cubicles, meeting rooms, and toilet bowls to even paper holders spotless!

Services Menu

Service Price Duration Category
Studio/Loft Cleaning 100.00 2:0 Home Cleaning
1 Bedroom Home Cleaning 100.00 3:0 Home Cleaning
2 Bedroom cleaning 100.00 3:0 Home Cleaning
3 Bedroom Home Cleaning 100.00 4:0 Home Cleaning
4 Bedroom Home Cleaning 100.00 5:0 Home Cleaning
Additional Rooms (each) - Home Cleaning 30.00 0:45 Home Cleaning

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